What is This About, Anyway?
Welcome to my new site, Reese’s Exegesis. It’s my home on the internet for all my Jesus writings. And as much work as I know this will be, it feels good to be back to the internet and sharing my thoughts with all of you. I hope we enjoy getting to know each other.

So, What is This About?
Well, I’m not entirely sure. I’m starting this thing with a sense of adventure and I’m not sure exactly where it will lead. I’m hoping it leads to some great conversations, a new community of friends, and everybody getting to know Jesus a little better. A pretty good mission, wouldn’t you say?

What You Can Expect To Find Here
Here, you will find my musings. There will be some exegesis (of course) and some discussion. There will also be reviews of (mostly) Christian books. And there will be chitchat — lots of random chitchat.

Will There Be Controversy?
Most likely. When discussing the bible there are always differences of opinion and interpretation, and that is okay. It’s great. I’m not afraid of diversity of opinions. All I ask is that we respect each person’s right to see things differently. We can agreeably disagree. In fact, I think we should disagree. I think we should discuss our differences. I always learn something new when I interact with someone who sees things differently than I do. As one of my wise professors said, “Everyone has some light.” And we can all stand to add to what we have.

Why This? Why Now?
These are big questions and the answers are long and complicated. To summarize, I’ll say that I enjoy study. I also enjoy writing (of course!) and sharing what I write.

My Promise To You
I love to listen to the advice of experienced writers as I walk my path as a writer. One piece of advice comes up over and over: be honest. It doesn’t matter whether you write fiction or nonfiction. Honesty is an essential. It’s a non-negotiable. Because if the writing isn’t honest then it is pointless. It rings hollow. It doesn’t do anything for the reader.
There’s a famous quote:

Writing is easy; simply open a vein and bleed.

That is exactly what a writer must do: bleed onto the page. It must happen to write a successful novel. It must happen to write an effective book on business or fitness or gardening. And it absolutely must happen to write anything about Jesus. It’s a waste of everything if the writing isn’t honest. So what you will find here is honesty. I promise you that.
You won’t find platitudes or cute phrases here. I have no time for that. What you will find is careful study. You will find my true thoughts and experiences. And hopefully, we will all experience Jesus here.

I think the study will help me more than anything. But I think sharing will help too. I am a writer at heart and I think the writing and sharing and discussion might be the thing I need at this challenging point in my life.

So come on in and let’s get closer to God together.